Hamilton, Ontario Flatbed Truck Tarp System Provider

If your fleet operates in Hamilton, Ontario, one of your primary concerns has to be finding quality cargo control that will keep your trucks legal and make processes easier and faster for your drivers. That’s why numerous fleets operating in Hamilton turn to Verduyn Tarps to provide them with flatbed trucking products and services.

We’re the best source in Canada for semi tarps and related products ranging from simple winch straps to complete, state-of-the-art retractable tarp systems. We’re the leaders in Canada for truck tarping systems, and we’re eager to show you how we’ve earned that reputation. We believe in providing our customers with the highest-quality products found anywhere in the marketplace, and we engineer and manufacture the finest tarp systems in the industry.

Simply put, Verduyn Tarps is your resource in Canada for truck tarpaulins and related products that will keep your fleet running smoothly.

The Best Source for Flatbed Truck Tarps in Hamilton

Since 1986, Verduyn Tarps has been dedicated to meeting the needs of flatbed trucking, providing fleets and owner-operators with the equipment they need to secure and tarp their flatbed loads. No matter whether you’re looking for a source in Hamilton for winch straps or a full retractable tarping system, Verduyn Tarps can deliver exactly what you need, with an emphasis on service. Our Eagle Tarp Systems line will help you save time, fuel and money with efficient, advanced tarps and equipment.

Our Product Line

Verduyn Tarps delivers products specifically designed to provide flatbed truckers with security, convenience and flexibility. Our customizable tarps mean we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all product. Instead, we can create a tarping solution that meets your precise needs, no matter what they are.

Not only are they flexible, but our tarping systems can make your fleet more efficient — saving drivers as much as two hours of tarping time a day. Take a look at our complete line of products to see what we have to offer — including flatbed tarps, step deck tarps, double-drop tarps, straight truck tarping systems, B-train truck tarping systems, custom trailer tarps and state-of-the-art load securement equipment for fleets.

Why Choose Verduyn Tarps?

Verduyn Tarps is a one-stop shop for all of the most advanced flatbed-load securing solutions. For more than 30 years, we’ve been recognized as a leader in the industry because of our commitment to our principles of quality, honesty and service. We’re devoted to developing the newest and best solutions for the industry, and we’re always looking for new ways to better serve our clients.

When you’re in need of flatbed trailer tarping solutions in Hamilton, look no further than Verduyn Tarps. Contact us anytime to learn more!