Don’t just take our word for it! We’ll let our customers tell you why they’re so pleased with the Eagle Smart Tarp Retractable System.

We had an Eagle Tarp System installed in less time than they originally quoted. Service after the sale has been outstanding. We always have owners of other systems look at ours and state that they wish their system had that feature or strength.

David Daft
Landstar Owner/Operator

I knew I had a winner with the Verduyn Eagle Smart Tarp when I learned the drivers were asking to pull the Eagle. The drivers love how easily it opens and closes, and how smoothly it rolls.

Mike Green
Area Transportation

When I pull into a yard with the Eagle, I look like a true professional. I’m not fighting with it because it always slides the way it’s supposed to. Also, I can phone Verduyn Tarps and within seconds they know who they are talking to, and that means a lot to me. I would highly recommend the Eagle Retractable Tarping System.

Steve Stockton

Today I had a couple items dropped off by your delivery employee. My wife had to leave before he got there but left a signed note on the door for him and told our neighbor to keep an eye and sign for my items if need be. When he arrived my neighbor came over and greeted him and signed and received my package. When I got home she brought my items over. She then explained that your employee was the most courteous, very well mannered, helpful and happy delivery person she's met in a long time. She said he represented your company with the highest level of professionalism! Just wanted to pass along this very positive comment! Thanks for the excellent product and service.

Scott Hedden

I own 3 different types of retractable tarp systems. The Eagle Tarp System by Verduyn Tarps is the oldest system I have, but it is still the best. It rolls smoother and is much sturdier than any of the other systems. You can see the quality of the Eagle system by how much thicker and stronger the cart plates, front and rear carts and the track is. The track can even withstand a hit from a forklift without sustaining any damage. Every system works well when it is brand new, but when it reaches 6 to 12 months old, the quality, or lack thereof, really starts to show. The Eagle has that quality, the competitor's systems don't have it and they just don't hold up. That's why I now own 6 Eagles from Verduyn Tarps. I even had an employee of the competitor's come to my shop and ask why I didn't buy their system. I showed him the quality of my Eagle and told him, "The Eagle is more expensive, but you just can't beat their quality." That quality saves me money in repair costs, maintenance costs and most importantly, down time. Each day a system is in the shop it costs between $500 - $1000 in lost revenue, not to mention the headache and costs of getting the system to the repair shop. Those costs add up fast. Any savings I had when I bought the system were quickly eaten up. I may pay more for the Eagle Tarp System now, but it saves me so much more in money and headaches down the line. I believe that the sweetness of low price is soon forgotten when the bitterness of poor quality shows up.

Francisco Perez
Salomon Trucking