Retractable Tarping Systems: A Safer Alternative Vs. Standard Tarps

Retractable Tarping Systems: A Safer Alternative Vs. Standard Tarps

Retractable tarping systems are no doubt more convenient and easier for truckers to use than standard tarps, which is a big part of the reason why so many trailers today come equipped with them. However, retractable tarps do a lot more than make tarping a load easier and more efficient. In many ways, retractable tarps are much safer than the standard variety — helping improve safety for the driver in addition to all the other benefits they provide. If you’re considering switching to a retractable tarping system for your truck or fleet, here are some reasons why that can be a great idea.

The Difference Between Standard and Retractable Tarps

Standard tarps are little more than heavy sheets that are pulled over a load and secured in place with straps or hooks. Because they need to be made of material heavy and strong enough to withstand punishing weather conditions and protect cargo, they can weigh up to 100 pounds. This makes them extremely cumbersome and difficult to secure for a single trucker while on the road.

Retractable systems, on the other hand, feature rails and tracks that resemble an old covered wagon when they are put in place. A trucker can pull the tarp all the way across the rails to cover the entire trailer without the need to climb onto the trailer.

What Makes Retractable Tarps Better for Truckers

When truckers have retractable tarping systems on their trailers, much of the hard work involved in tarping their loads is eliminated. In most cases, truckers can tarp their trailers from the ground with one pull of the handle. This means they don’t have to spend hours under the sun or in the punishing rain tarping their loads. It also means the amount of time they have to spend on tarping is drastically reduced. Thanks to this, retractable tarping systems help truckers stay on schedule much more effectively than standard tarps.

In addition to making a trucker’s job easier and more efficient, retractable tarps have the extremely important benefit of improving safety. Without the need to climb onto the trailer to tarp a load, truckers are at a much lower risk of injury caused by slipping and falling, especially in rainy or icy weather. Because retractable tarps also are much simpler to use and require less physical exertion, truckers are at reduced risk for repetitive stress injuries and the common physical aches and pains that often come with using standard tarps.

Just seeing a retractable tarp system demonstrated usually is enough to convince someone that it’s a superior alternative to standard tarps. However, once you know more about the difference between the two, the retractable tarping system becomes that much more attractive..

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