Steps For Tarping A Trailer Load

Steps For Tarping A Trailer Load

Whatever you’re hauling, it won’t matter how fast you get your load to its destination if it’s damaged in transit. That’s why tarping is such an important component of the shipping process. It’s also why knowing how to tarp a load is a vital part of any trucker’s skillset. If you’re pulling a typical flatbed trailer, these are the steps you need for properly tarping a flatbed load:

Step 1: Make sure the load is distributed correctly. Keep the load evenly distributed on the trailer to prevent any areas that are too tall or too wide for the tarp to cover.

Step 2: Place the tarp on top of the load. Because most tarps can weigh nearly 100 pounds, it’s recommended to have help or use a forklift to place the folded tarp on top of the load.

Step 3: Unroll the tarp. Make sure the tarp covers the load evenly on each side, in the same manner as a bedspread.

Step 4: Secure the tarp. Using tie-downs and ratchet straps, make sure the tarp is secure and doesn’t have any loose corners that could catch the wind.

A Better Alternative

Flatbed tarping using the traditional methods can be back-breaking, time-consuming work. Not only do you need to lift the tarp yourself, but you also need to climb on top of your load to properly tarp it. On the other hand, a tarp system from Verduyn Tarps can mean your load is tarped and protected with only a fraction of the time and effort of the traditional method. Our systems allow the driver to tarp and untarp their loads from the ground, without the need to climb onto the deck. Because our tarp systems are on rails, drivers can easily open and close them with a simple push or pull. Our tarp systems can be used on most types of trailers, including:

  • Flatbed trailer tarps: Our tarp systems offer an aerodynamic and time-saving solution for flatbed trailers, especially when hauling cargos with unusual dimensions.
  • Custom trailer tarps: The versatility of the Verduyn Tarps system means that it can be used on virtually any type of custom trailer.
  • Step deck trailer tarps: The unique nature of our tarping systems make them ideal for step deck trailers. The unique nature of our tarping systems make them ideal for step deck trailers. Tarping tall freight is dangerous and often times requires a ladder. With our Eagle Tarp System for Drop Deck Trailers you can cover a tall freight without the dangers of falling. Keeping you safe, on the ground, and back on the road.
  • Double drop trailer tarps: Difficult-to-load cargo that necessitates a double drop trailer is much simpler to tarp with a custom tarp system from Verduyn Tarps.

Tarping a flatbed load the old way takes a lot of time and effort. However, with a custom tarp system from Verduyn Tarps, the job can be done much easier and faster. Contact us today to learn more about how our tarp systems can help you.