Tarp Care And Maintenance

Tarps are an indispensable tool for truckers on the road. They serve as the first line of defense for cargo, protecting it from the elements, debris and gravel — and taking a lot of abuse along the way. Knowing how to care for truck tarps can be extremely important to ensuring how long they last and whether they’ll provide the protection you need. Drivers who know about maintaining truck tarps can save money over the long run because their equipment will last longer and do a better job of keeping their loads safe and secure. With that in mind, here are a few essential truck tarp maintenance tips you can use to ensure your tarps stay in good condition.

Make Sure It’s Secure

Perhaps one of the most crucial elements of caring for truck tarps is keeping them in place while you’re driving. If they’re not tied down securely, the loose material can be left to flap in the wind. This makes it more likely the tarp will sustain rips and tears that can leave it in tatters. Use your tie-downs properly and make sure there aren’t any areas where excess material is left free to catch the wind.

Patch Any Holes Immediately

Knowing how to fix a truck tarp could extend the time before you need to buy a new one. Every time you clean your tarp or put it away, inspect it for holes and weak spots. If you see any small ones, patch them right away using a repair kit. These contain vinyl patches and super-strong adhesives to close up any tears before they get bigger and become harder to fix.

Keep It Clean

Proper truck tarp cleaning is an important part of good maintenance. This is because grease, salt and grit can wear away at the surface over time, making it more susceptible to ripping. Start by laying the tarp out flat on the ground or across your flatbed. Although special cleansers exist for this purpose, regular dish soap also works well. Apply soapy water and let it sit for a few minutes to loosen any buildup of grime. Scrub the entire area with a push broom. After rinsing, let the tarp dry completely before folding and storing it, or it might develop mold or mildew.

Put It Away

Leaving your tarps outside opens the door to all kinds of problems. If left in the sun all day, a tarp can sustain UV damage, making it weak and brittle. Leaving your tarps in a high-traffic area also could result in damage. This is why you should fold and put your tarps away as soon as you can.

With the proper amount of care, you can be certain your tarps will continue to perform as well as they should for as long as they can. If you want to start with the best quality possible, turn to Verduyn Tarps. We have an extensive selection of products for a wide variety of industries and applications. Get in touch with us today to request a quote or to place an order.