Three Reasons NOT to Cut Corners When Buying a Retractable Trailer Tarp

There’s no question: A tarping system is a big investment. It’s no wonder some outfits say tarp system price is their #1 factor when buying a system. But buying based on price alone can be a costly gamble. Here are three reasons not to cut corners when buying a retractable tarp system.

Reason #1: With Tarp Systems, You Get What You Pay For…Just Like Everything in Life

So, you tried to save a few bucks by buying a cheap tarping system? How’s that working out? Cheap tarp systems typically mean the manufacturer cut corners: Flimsy materials, poor design, shoddy parts. The result: A tarp system that malfunctions all the time or is easily damaged. You’ll end up spending more on repair…and downtime.

Reason #2: Downtime is Killing Your Bottom Line

Speaking of downtime, it’s hard to make money while you’re not on the road. Every minute spent idling because your low-budget tarping system won’t close is money down the drain. Slow cycle times and downtime for tarp system repairs eat into your profits.

Reason #3: Your Low-Cost Tarp System is a Safety Hazard…and a Financial Liability

Manual tarping can be dangerous. Risks abound: Drivers climbing on top of loads, slip-and-fall risks, and unsafe lifting, tugging and twisting are all hazards. Tarping a load from ground level is much safer, and reduces your likelihood of a costly medical bill or insurance claim.

Invest for the Long Haul: Choose Quality Over Price

At Verduyn Tarps, we say “We would rather apologize once for our price than forever for our quality.” You might be able to find a cheaper tarp than our Eagle retractable tarp system, but you won’t find a better one. It’s an investment that pays for itself!