Unconventional Uses For Flatbed Tarps

Drivers rely on tarps to keep their cargos safe and clean while in transit. Once the run is completed, many truckers simply stash them away until it’s time to hit the road again. But tarps can do so much more than cover shipments. From home improvement projects to recreational purposes, a heavy-duty vinyl tarp comes in handy for many tasks that don’t involve your truck. Keep reading for some unconventional ways to use your flatbed tarp.

Sun Protection

If your truck is parked for any length of time, you know how hot the inside of the cab can get. The sun does more than make it uncomfortable; excessive UV radiation can harm interiors. To avoid damaging your upholstery, dashboard and instruments while your rig is parked for an extended period, throw a tarp over it. This will block sunlight and ensure your cabin is protected until you’re ready to get behind the wheel again.

Staging for Home Improvement Tasks

There are plenty of home improvement projects that require moving materials. If you’re building a patio, for example, you’ll need a lot of gravel or crushed stone to serve as a base. Remodeling usually means you’ll have a lot of broken drywall. Rather than piling these materials on your lawn where they can be difficult to clean up or damage your landscaping, you can use a tarp. It gives you a place to collect debris without damaging the grass and makes it easier to clean up when you’re finished.

Creating a Makeshift Shelter

No one wants to pull over for repairs on the highway, especially when exposed to harsh conditions sometimes. Using your tarp as a temporary awning helps to protect you from the elements while completing the repair. Keep a couple of tent poles in your toolbox for such an occasion.

A high-quality flatbed tarp can do much more than keep your cargo safe and clean. So, keep your tarp handy — you never know when you’ll need it to tackle a chore at home or on the road.