Optional Features

Optional Features

Our Eagle Tarp Systems come with various optional features. Explore the specifications for each of our optional features:

Headboard Options

  • Exterior headboard lights
    • Available in 5, 9 and 11 light configurations

  • Exterior headboard finishes available to customize the look of your headboard
    • 14 GA Smooth Stainless Steel
    • Checker Plate
    • 24 GA Smooth Stainless Steel (No extra charge)
    • Stainless steel wraps for corner extrusions and door jambs
  • Interior storage

    • Optimize your equipment storage
    • Keep your equipment clean and dry
    • Ideal storage solutions for chains, binders, track hooks, dunnage and any other equipment you may carry
    • We can customize to suit your needs

Framework Options

  • Double lifters available on every cart
    • Reduces sag in the roof from 8" to 4" when opening and closing the system
    • Helps keep tarp tighter, saving fuel and giving the tarp a longer life
  • Max Height
    • We can customize the height of your tarp system to legally maximize your interior loading space (vs. standard heights of 80", 90" and 100")

Track Options

  • Customized full-length light bars
    • Available in aluminum and stainless steel
  • Max Width
    • We can put a 1" space between the track and rub-rail on both sides of your trailer to give you an extra 2" of interior width (Only available for trailers staying in Canada)

Tarp Options

  • Graphics
    • High-definition digitally printed graphics are perfect for showing what your company stands for
    • We also offer painted graphics that will easily last as long as the tarp
    • Customize your design to reflect the business for cost-effective advertising
    • Attention-grabbing detail as your vehicle travels

Front Closure Options

  • Talon air-powered front closure
    • Open the front with the pull of a button

Rear Closure Options

  • Inside / Outside Posts
    • We can install a 2nd set of pockets at the very rear of the trailer enabling you to move your rear posts there in the event you have a load that is full length and width

Rear Door Options

  • Crank rear door
    • Full height opening
    • Lift flap up and over the top of the system