Much of what is produced by the aerospace industry is built to withstand intense gravitational forces, crushing atmospheric pressures, brutal temperatures and supersonic speeds. But before that happens, this sophisticated machinery needs to survive a simple trip down the road. The advanced technology that enables jet engines and rockets to climb to extreme heights also can be extremely sensitive. Protecting them from the elements as they travel between production facilities is of the utmost importance. Fortunately, Verduyn Tarps has a complete line of custom jet tarping systems that can provide complete protection as well as convenience for those transporting them.

Our Key Features

When using our custom rocket engine tarp systems, carriers benefit from our extensive expertise and engineering capabilities. Our retractable tarps cover cargo, no matter its dimensions or shape. Because they roll along rails, our custom jet tarp systems make it easy for a driver to position the tarp from the ground instead of needing to climb onto the trailer. As a result, our rocket engine tarps reduce the risk of injuries while saving time. Made of high-quality PVC, the tarps offer superior protection against the elements as well as dirt and gravel kicked up from the road.

All our rocket engine tarp systems feature lightweight but strong aluminum frames as well as stainless steel headboards. With the strongest tracks in the industry and durable bump rails to protect the wheels, our jet tarps roll smoothly into place every time. The aerodynamic 6-inch-radius corners reduce drag and improve fuel mileage. These are the only retractable systems on the market that include patented tie-down rails for either chain-end or flat-hook straps.

Benefits of Our Systems

Our solutions make transporting sensitive aerospace components much easier and more secure. Not only do they guard against damages these cargos could sustain during shipping, but they provide cover from prying eyes in instances where confidentiality is crucial. They also ensure the safety of the drivers, because they can be rolled on or off from ground level. They enable even bulky or oddly shaped engines or other components to be shipped over the road with ease because they accommodate virtually any size or shape of cargo, even those that wouldn’t fit in a regular trailer.

Why Choose Verduyn Tarps?

Since 1986, we’ve led the way in tarps of all kinds for flat-deck trucking. As dedicated adherents to the principle of kaizen — continual improvement — we’re always looking for ways to enhance, update and fine-tune our processes and products. We’re relentless in finding continuous improvements to the value proposition we offer our customers across a wide variety of markets. Countless fleets across the country have come to rely on our tarp systems to deliver goods faster, safer and with greater efficiency than they ever thought possible.

If you’re ready to experience what makes our tarping solutions among the best in the industry, get in touch with us today to request a quote.