Search And Rescue

When disaster strikes, emergency management teams spring into action. Along with life-saving supplies, personnel and comfort, they often bring a significant amount of heavy equipment. Whether that includes search-and-rescue vehicles or mobile command stations, this vital machinery is often deployed in areas with dangerous weather conditions or damaged infrastructure. Ensuring that the victims of catastrophic events receive the care they need relies on keeping supplies and equipment safe in transit and in the field. That’s why so many responders turn to Verduyn Tarps to provide customized disaster relief tarps to guard their gear. Our retractable flatbed tarping systems can be the perfect tarps for command stations or any other necessary machinery. With our disaster management system tarps in place, those who answer the call after a catastrophe can do their jobs more effectively.

Our Key Features

Thanks to our extensive engineering expertise and comprehensive manufacturing capabilities, we deliver the strongest command station tarp systems to the search-and-rescue market. These command station tarps are fully customizable, so they can cover and protect cargo of virtually any size and shape. They’re also fully retractable and can be operated from the ground. This helps protect personnel from injuries they could sustain from climbing onto the trailer to position a tarp. Our disaster relief tarp systems feature high-quality PVC construction, which enables them to shield machinery from the heavy rains, harsh winds and swirling debris commonly encountered in affected areas.

Our products include lightweight, strong aluminum frames as well as stainless steel headboards. They have the strongest tracks in the industry along with a bump rail to guard the wheels. This means our command station tarps will roll smoothly into place every time they’re used. With their aerodynamic 6-inch-radius corners, they also reduce drag and improve fuel efficiency for the trucks hauling them. In addition, we provide the only retractable tarping products that integrate a patented tie-down rail for either chain-end or flat-hook straps.

Benefits of Our Systems

With our products at their disposal, emergency response teams can protect essential equipment to and from disaster areas as well as on site. The risk of injuries to staff is also reduced by eliminating the need to climb on the trailer to position the tarp. Because they are fully customizable, our tarps can be utilized in almost limitless applications for cargo of almost any shape or size.

Why Choose Verduyn Tarps?

We’ve led the market in serving the flat-deck trucking sector since 1986. We’re dedicated to the continuous improvement principles of kaizen, which means we never stop looking for ways to make our processes and products better. We serve a wide variety of markets with a strong focus on providing the highest levels of service in everything we do. Fleets across the country depend on our solutions to make their operations safer and more efficient.

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