Eagle Tarp Systems

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Our lightweight Rolling Tarp System for flatbed trailers offers a convenient method of flatbed load securement. Tarping is easily accomplished from the ground, reducing the time and effort required while increasing safety. Plus, fuel cost expendit...

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Step Deck

The Eagle Smart Tarp Retractable System secures and protects your step deck trailer load while saving you time, money and fuel. Our step deck tarps save drivers up to two hours a day in tarping time. And because the Eagle is fully operational from...

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Double Drop

Increased Height and Simple LoadingA double drop deck system maximizes your inside height, providing as much as 10 feet of additional clearance inside — and maximum height means maximum profitability! While others can haul a 9'11" load, you can ca...

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Straight Truck

Aerodynamically DesignedOur straight truck rolling tarp system features an aerodynamically designed headboard, a full-size man door, sturdy lifter bows, strong aluminum-cast corners, high-density wheels, strong yet lightweight track, UV-resistant ...

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Safe and Secure LoadingTarping a B-train requires strength and durability, and that’s exactly what you get with the Eagle system. With an extra tie-down location, our tarp system helps to: Keep your loads secure and safe Keep drivers safe by...

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Custom Trailers

Custom Tractor Trailer Tarp SystemVerduyn Tarps welcomes the opportunity to work with you on a custom-built side-roll tarp system. As the trusted source for specialty tarping, we customize systems for a myriad of segments and uses, including: ...

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Eagle Smart Tarp Retractable SystemThe Eagle Smart Tarp Retractable System from Verduyn Tarps provides a myriad of benefits to fleet owners. Our state-of-the-art load securement equipment is a great investment — one that saves time, money, and fue...

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The Eagle retractable tarp system is a dependable investment for securing your freight load that will save you time, money and fuel … and so much more!

Why Buy the Eagle Rolling Tarp System?

The Eagle system provides numerous benefits. Whether you need a drop deck, straight truck or flatbed tarp system, Verduyn Tarps builds the best system for you!

  • Time Savings
    • Dramatically reduces tarping time — tarp your load in less than 2 minutes.
    • Drivers save 1 to 2 hours per day in tarping time
  • Fuel Savings
    • Our aerodynamic round-cornered headboard design saves approximately 5 percent of fuel costs over our competitors’ square-cornered headboards.
    • Our system’s tarp does not balloon out behind the headboard.
    • Lightweight construction — 1,800 lbs. on a 48-ft. flat deck — conserves fuel.
  • Lost Load Savings
    • With our maximum versatility, you’re ready for any return load.
    • Ideal for LTL trucking.
  • Damage Claim Savings
    • No more loss due to improper tarping.
    • Loads stay clean and dry.
  • Cost Savings
    • The average Eagle System costs less than $40 per week to own, saving you more than $200 per week.
    • Money saved through reduced tarping time alone pays for Eagle within 2 years.
  • Workforce Savings
    • Drivers prefer the ease, speed and cleanliness of tarping with the Eagle System.
    • Attract better drives and improve driver retention.
  • Workers’ Compensation Savings
    • The system keeps your drivers on the ground, improving safety and reducing compensation claims.