B-Train Tarp System


B-Train Truck Tarp System

If you regularly haul two trailers in a B-train trailer system and you’re looking for a high-quality tarp system that will meet all regulatory requirements while also making your job simpler, we have just the answer for you: Our B-train tarping system will help you handle hard-to-load cargo on B-train trailers. This retractable tarping system enables loads to be tarped from the ground, improving the safety of your drivers and cutting down on the amount of time it takes them to load by a substantial margin. With an Eagle B-train flatbed tarping system from Verduyn Tarps on your trailers, you can rest assured that your cargo will be protected, your workers will be safer and you’ll be in full compliance with the law. There’s nothing faster, easier or safer.

A Solution for the ELD Mandate Effect

Now that we’re in the compliance phase of the federal ELD mandate (electronic logging device), saving drivers time while they’re on the road is critical. Our B-train trailer tarping system can help here, too. Why lose those precious hours to tarping time when the B-train system can speed up the process? Tarping a difficult load, such as two separate steel coils, is time-consuming, and the ELD mandate has made tarping time a real issue. Get your load tarped in less time so the limited number of hours you or your drivers are allowed on the road are spent actually transporting goods instead of tarping them.

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