Tarp Systems for Custom Trailers

Custom Trailer Tarps

Custom Tractor Trailer Tarp System

Verduyn Tarps welcomes the opportunity to work with you on a custom-built side-roll tarp system. As the trusted source for specialty tarping, we customize systems for a myriad of segments and uses, including:

  • Aerospace
    Hauling of jet or rocket engines
  • Towing Industry
    Protecting top-secret prototype vehicles, armored military vehicles and luxury vehicles
  • Search and Rescue
    Transporting roll-off command stations
  • Defense Sector
    Hauling aircraft and engines, helicopters and cargo
  • Energy
    GE utilizes our system in their Power and Water Division

If you need a custom tractor-trailer tarp system or have an idea for one, rest assured that the Eagle Smart Tarp has you covered!

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