Tarp Systems for Custom Trailers

Custom Trailer

Protect Cargo With Customizable Tarp Systems

Cargo doesn’t always fit neatly into boxes, and sometimes hauling cargo means having to move items that are difficult to fit into a regular trailer. In situations such as those, you need to find a solution to protect that cargo on custom trailers in a way that will save you time, keep you in compliance with the law, and keep your workers safe. With our retractable tarping systems for custom trailers, you can do all of this and give yourself peace of mind. With an Eagle custom tarping system, your workers can tarp tough-to-load cargo while keeping both feet on the ground, making loading safer and drastically cutting down on the amount of time it takes. Whether you need to load cargo through the side or just need an easier and faster way to load or unload unusual cargo on flatbed trailers, Eagle has the answer.

Custom Tractor Trailer Tarp System

Verduyn Tarps welcomes the opportunity to work with you on a custom-built side-roll tarp system. As the trusted source for specialty tarping, we customize systems for myriad segments and uses, including:

  • Aerospace
    Hauling of jet or rocket engines
  • Towing Industry
    Protecting top-secret prototype vehicles, armored military vehicles and luxury vehicles
  • Search and Rescue
    Transporting roll-off command stations
  • Defense Sector
    Hauling aircraft and engines, helicopters and cargo
  • Energy
    GE utilizes our system in its Power and Water Division

If you need a custom tractor-trailer tarp system or have an idea for one, rest assured that the Eagle Smart Tarp has you covered!

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