Double Drop Tarp System

Double Drop

Flexible and Secure Double Drop Trailer Tarp System

If you have cargo that is too tall for your flatbed trailer as-is, a flatbed rolling tarp system from Verduyn Tarps is the solution. Our expertise with double drop tarping systems means we can provide the additional clearance your double drop trailer requires to handle large and difficult-to-load cargo. With simplified loading similar to a double drop Conestoga system, our double drop tarping system provides the flexibility and security you need.

Increased Height and Simple Loading

A double drop deck system maximizes your inside height, providing as much as 10 feet of additional clearance inside — and maximum height means maximum profitability! While others can haul a 9'11" load, you can capitalize on your increased height by taking loads that others have to turn away.

With the Eagle tarp system, there is no splitting at the upper deck. With our roll-past option, you can roll your entire system onto the upper deck. Loading is simple for containers, aircraft and engines, aeronautics parts and all large freight.

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