Straight Truck Tarp System

Straight Truck

Durable Custom Straight Truck Tarp Systems

Loading large or unusually shaped cargo on a straight truck trailer is safer, faster and more convenient with a straight truck tarping system from Verduyn Tarps. Allowing for cargo to be loaded from both sides, this system can reduce loading time while providing extra security for unusually shaped loads. If you’re looking for a straight truck Conestoga system for your needs, look no further than Verduyn Tarps.

Aerodynamically Designed for Straight Trucks

Our straight truck rolling tarp system features an aerodynamically designed headboard, a full-size man door, sturdy lifter bows, strong aluminum-cast corners, high-density wheels, strong yet lightweight track, UV-resistant PVC tarp, front and rear ground controls, and a variety of options.

Few startups or growing companies have access to a loading dock. The Eagle Smart Tarp Retractable System meets this challenge with:

  • Easy loading of freight from the side
  • Durable side rails to protect against forklifts

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