Install The Eagle Tarp System On Any Used Trailer

Install The Eagle Tarp System On Any Used Trailer

A question we often hear from our customers is whether or not they can get a new tarp system on a used trailer.

There seems to be a misconception out there that you can only install new tarp systems on new trailers. This is not the case.

We have customers that have been flatbedding for years and have grown tired of tarping and want to add our Eagle Tarp System to make their lives easier and safer.

We also have customers that have older tarp systems that they are looking to replace with a new one.

Depending on their situation, there may be additional costs in removing older systems or doing some repairs to their rub rail, but these costs are minimal compared to the cost of purchasing a new trailer.

So if you are considering your options with what to do with your existing trailer, know that we frequently install our Eagle Tarp System on used trailers with no issue, it could supply you with a much more cost-effective option than putting that new trailer on order. For any additional questions, contact us today!