Types Of Truck Tarps

At first glance, there isn’t much to a tarp. Those who don’t know a lot about trucking might assume that one is just as good as another. But experienced veterans of the industry know that there are almost as many types of truck tarps as there are varieties of trailers. What works well to protect one kind of cargo may not be the best choice for others. Knowledgeable carriers must understand the various truck tarp types and know when to use them. With that in mind, here is a brief overview of the different types of truck tarps and the purposes they serve.

  • Steel tarps — One of the most basic types of truck tarps, these tarps cover steel products to protect them from rain or snow. Typically made of vinyl or PVC-coated polyester for maximum water resistance, they tend to have dimensions that allow them to completely cover loads. A larger version of the steel tarp is used to protect heavy machinery during transport.
  • Lumber tarps — These tarps have flaps on either end to ensure that the top and bottom edges of timbers or poles are kept dry and protected. Grommets in the flaps tend to be spaced closely together so the tarps can be secured tightly to the trailer and the load. Lumber tarps are made of waterproof material that also is UV-treated to prevent the sun from fading or bleaching the load.
  • Dump truck tarps — These tarps tend to be more basic than other options because the objective is to hold aggregate materials such as gravel and sand in place, rather than to protect it from the elements.
  • Smoke tarps — Made from material coated with PVC, the purpose of this tarp is to cover the front of a load to prevent contamination by soot and smoke from the truck’s exhaust. Smoke tarps tend to be utilized along with other types of tarps to provide added protection.
  • Retractable tarps — Although these tarps can be used on many different kinds of cargo, they work especially well for protecting items that are larger and unusually shaped. The tarps roll into place on tracks and are typically made of vinyl on a rigid aluminum frame.

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