Flatbed Tarp System


Custom Flatbed Trailer Tarp Systems

Whether you’re trying to load unusual cargo, trying to save time on tarping, or both, a sliding flatbed tarp system from Verduyn Tarps is the answer. These custom flatbed tarp systems are safe, convenient and time-saving solutions. And, unlike other types of flatbed truck tarp systems, they can be tailored to the exact specifications of your trailer.

To find out more about how our flatbed Rolling Tarp System can meet your needs, contact us today.

Our lightweight retractable flatbed trailer tarps offer a convenient method of load securement. Flatbed tarping is easily accomplished from the ground, reducing the time and effort required while increasing safety. Plus, fuel cost expenditures are decreased due to the aerodynamic design of the headboard.

Fully Customizable Rolling Tarp System

Our Eagle Rolling Tarp System is fully customizable to every truck owner’s needs. We offer a variety of height options for our Eagle rolling tarp system:

  • 86", 90" and 100" Standard Rolling Tarp System heights
  • 102", 104" and 106" Optional Eagle Max Rolling Tarp System heights
  • Other custom heights available to maximize your legal interior loading space on your Eagle Rolling Tarp System

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