Step Deck Tarp Systems

Step Deck

Commercial Trucking Tarp Systems for Step Deck Trailers

When you need a tarp solution for a step deck trailer that is safe, convenient and saves you time, look no further than a fully customizable step deck tarping system from Verduyn Tarps. Our tarping systems for step deck trailers make it easy to secure odd or unusual cargo in a fraction of the time it takes ordinary tarps to be secured — and without the need to climb on top of the trailer.

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The Eagle Smart Tarp Retractable System secures and protects your step deck trailer load while saving you time, money and fuel. Our step deck tarps save drivers up to two hours a day in tarping time. And because the Eagle is fully operational from the ground, the system is very simple and safe to use.

Save Time, Money & Fuel

Using the Eagle Smart Tarp rolling tarp system can save employers quite a bit of money. Our aerodynamic round-cornered headboard saves fuel costs when compared with the more common square-cornered headboard. Plus, the system ensures that the vehicle is ready to take on any rebound load, thus increasing profits.

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